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SNSD Anti Fans site?My own stand

You say you don't like their music? or their image? it's fine. That's your opinion and I can't change it. This is mine though. Let's both respect our own POVs.
I googled it, and surprisingly- there is.

I saw the articles, and didn't fully read the articles as I know how that can make me feel.
-Read the one about Chocolate Love. OH, so that's where the PS pics came from? O.o

Demmit. Forget being passive. I know there are a lot of haters for SNSD, saying how "slutty" or "plastic" they are.

When I watch them on TV shows, of course I also think, "Hmm, is that real?" But aren't idols in Korea really supposed to hold a certain "image"? I remember coming across an article that had a screenshot of their debut, when they did their high kick and someone screenshot Yoona and her underwear. Celebrities have a tendency to be be fake, and say things they know the fans want to hear. This goes for ALL celebrities, Korean or even American. (Hello, Megan Fox? >.>)

In some of the sites I went to, one pointed out their debut performance.

The blog commented about how SNSD panties are available online.

IMHO, since they are debuting. They don't really have a lot of say. For all we know, SM (who is looking quite evil to me right now. haha) may have wanted the controversy and made the girls dress like that? You never know right? I think a lot of things are oversensationalized in the korean music industry. (I read somewhere that the Yoona-Leeteuk-Seungri thing was scripted.)

I honestly don't think they're plastic. But I don't think they're all angelic and nice either. They can curse or whatever, since- hello? They're human. I say the word "B*tch" too, and Sica can say it if she wants (pertaining to an article where she may have called Sunny this).

-Anti fans are upset because SNSD members have had plastic surgery? A lot of idols have had some work done here and there. I know that Kyuhyun from Super Junior had the eye-lid surgery thing. But I really don't care. Really, there aren't a lot of idols who haven't had something done.

-I don't mind that the girls are made to look sexy, or to even appeal to young (or old men). I personally think they don't look slutty, that they have to wear super short shorts and skirts (although the debut thing is quite disturbing). They have great bodies, I think it took lots of work to get into that shape, and that it's fine to show it off. (Unless they wear anything with a plunging neckline and mini skirts, then I'd have to call them slutty too)

-I read somewhere too, that some SNSD fans tore up posters of SuJu? That's not right, it really isn't. But I can't hate SNSD for that. The fans did it, so maybe it's them you should be angry at.

So, SNSD? I'm on your side. Until I get to personally meet or hang out with you to discover that you really are b*tches. I've yet to know EVERYTHING before I really decide and stick to that decision.

You might ask, what's the point of this? I just needed to voice this out somewhere. I need a place to rant and speak what's on my mind,

Gah. My mom is here, which means FOOD! I will edit this as I see necessary.
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